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May 9, 2014

Avoidance VS Action

As I have thought on Avoiding our addiction I have come to these thoughts:

1A. Avoiding something forces us to focus on it (i.e. If I tell you "DONT think about HAWAII, DONT think about HAWAII , DONT think about HAWAII" - the FIRST thing you think about is Hawaii.

- The reason we do this, is that our brain must have a point of reference of what "Not to Think about" - in this case, that point of reference IS Hawaii.

- This is the SAME thing with trying to "avoid" our addiction, temptations, etc.

2A. The reason this DOES NOT work is that we can only focus on 1 thing at a time, if we are FOCUSSED on NOT acting out - then we ARE focused ON acting out. (see # 1)

- Also, we get MORE of what we are focused on. Ergo - "relapse"


1B. There for we must fill the VOID with seeking out Christ Like Attributes and then we MUST ACT to fill the Void with Christ Like Actions

- The saying goes "We DO NOT think our way to sobriety, We ACT our way to sobriety"

2B. This is the TRUE Meaning and Measure of Turning our Will over to the Lord.

- When you ask yourself if you Have Truly turned your life over to the Lord's Will - ask yourself - "Did I think about being like Christ today or did I ACT like Christ today?"