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April 26, 2013

The Liberating Awareness of Choice

Choice is a gift that is available to us always. Between the idea or temptation of doing something and the action is a small moment in time granted unto us by God. This moment is the universe in which choice exists and it is always there. Often we develop habits.... good or bad but both "rob" us of choice. If my wife tells me she loves me and respond back in kind, then I told her I loved her out of reflex NOT choice. Therefore I did not Chose to love her.

I reacted and that is not love. To become aware of these moments of time that have been granted unto us and then become aware of our choice is a powerful source of healing and recovery from Heavenly Father.

Now there are choices we have made that become “automatic”.

i.e. –  Would you like a beer. No thank you – would be my automatic thing to say – I made that choice long ago – but if I do not take a short moment to reflect on why I made that choice and “reacted” the way I did, I will never grow beyond that 12 year old young man that decided to never drink. That choice must be mine to continue to make as an adult.

This same mind set is one aspect of what traps us in addiction. Hey, do you want to act out – SURE DO! Well now wait a minute…. Why do I want to? Right there is the moment that we can turn over to the Lord and walk away from that decision and chose to do anything else that is of worth and praise worthy.