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September 3, 2012

Women Struggle Too...

We recently received a message from a young woman in recovery from pornography addiction. While PASG Works blog is dedicated specifically to men's pornography addiction recovery, it should never be forgotten that men are not the only ones affected. The principles shared on this blog are available to help any child of God in his or her pathway to sobriety.

 We appreciate the recovery story that this sister has shared on her blog. You may read her recovery story by clicking on the hyperlink below.

In her message to PASG Works, she said:

"I'm not a man so I don't expect you to publish this... but you are welcome to. I feel it's important that people understand this isn't a mans disease but a human disease. Women struggle too... So, I just wanted to share my story... if you would like to share it in a post, you are welcome to:-) Thanks!"