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June 17, 2012

The Nephite Pride Cycle and Addiction

I once heard that you can take the addiction recovery program and replace “addiction” with “sinner” or even replace “addiction” with “weakness.”As I am in this program now for over a year, I have learned that to be true. Although I am still an addict, I still struggle with sinning. Not relapse per say, but I struggle with self-will, with my character defects, and with that all powerful enemy of everyone, pride.

I have been sober for quite some time now, but many of the temptations that would so easily sway my attention now so not hold hardly any sway any more on me at all. I can see some of these same patterns within the scriptures. The Nephites for example, were addicted to the pride cycle. I don’t know if I follow that same pattern, but I certainly have my faults.

The Nephite’s pride cycle was something like a humble people received blessings. After some time they began to harden their hearts and turn from the Lord. After turning from the Lord the Lord saw fit to chasten them by war, famine, or Gadianton Robbers. They became humble again and the process started over again.

If the Nephites had followed the 12 steps maybe they wouldn’t have to fall into that same trap. I know really that the 12 steps are really just another format of the atonement. I know that it works, but I also know that had the Nephites, just like any person or any nation, would live the principles of the 12 steps every day, that the pride cycle would not ever take hold on them again.