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May 16, 2012

Helpful Books For Pornography Addiction Recovery

Often times I had felt, early on, a sense of being overwhelmed with the thought that I have a probably 50 years or so left of life. At first my sense of being overwhelmed was based on whether or not I could stay sober and maintain a life living in recovery. As I worked on giving that fear to the Lord another one sprung in it's place.

I used the church's addiction recovery manual, as well as "Alcoholics Anonymous" and "12 Steps and 12 Traditions." My sponsor had me read portions of those books as part of his guiding me through the steps. I have grown to love those books so much, as they helped me turn to Heavenly Father and the Savior, and learn to apply the atonement in my life. Indeed they were key parts of the shredding the scales from off of me that had held me so tightly bound for so long.

Those three books are awesome, but I couldn't help and want to read more books on recovery, especially as I wanted to better understand the nuances of other people's addictions that I do not have. I didn't know really how to begin compiling a list, but fortunately one was started for me. The missionary in the group that I regularly attend, has been a recovering addict for over six years has read a number of books and wrote them down.

I wanted to share his list with everyone. I have read a number of them, but I still have a ways to go. Hopefully these books will be a blessing in your life.

Books Authors Copyright Publishers
Alcoholics Anonymous Bill, Bob, and Others 2001 AAWorldSvc
Alcoholics Anonymous His. of AA World Svc 1957 AAWorldSvc
Comes of Age
All These Shall Give Thee Neal A. Maxwell 1992 DeseretBkCo
Believing Christ Stephen E. Robinson 2000 DeseretBkCo
Between Husband and Wife SE. Lamb & DE. Brinnley,2001 Cov.Comm.
Bonds That Make Us Free C. Terry Warner 2000 Shadow Mtn
Broken Heart, The Bruce C. Hafen 1989 DeseretBkCo
Chosen Steven A. Cramer 2007 Cedar Fort Inc
Clean Hands, Pure Heart Phillip A. Harrison 2004 Windhaven Pub
Confronting Pornography M.Chamberlain, 2005 DesertBkCo
Drug of the New Millennium, The Mark B. Kastleman 2007 PowerThinkPub
Facing Codependence Pia Mellody 1989 Harper&RowPub
Feeling Buried Alive Never Die Karol Truman 2003 OlympusDistrib.
Forgiving Ourselves Wendy Ulrich 2008 DeseretBkCo
From Heartache to Healing Coleen/Phillip Harrison,2010 WindhavenPub
God Wants Powerful People Sheri Dew 2007 DeseretBkCo
Gratitude's Transcending Power Sharon Norcia Mason 2006 GranitePub
He Did Deliver Me From Bondage, Colleen C. Harrison 2002 WindhavenPub
He Restoreth My Soul Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD 2009, ForwardPresPub
Heal My Broken Heart R. Davidson and T. Davies 2004 GatehouseMed
Healer's Art, The LD. Newell and DH. Staheli 2006 DeseretBkCo
Holy Secret, The James L. Ferrell 2008 DeseretBkCo
If God Loved Me, Why This? Kim A. Nelson 2007 DeseretBkCo
If Life Were Easy, Sheri Dew 2007 DeseretBkCo
It Wouldn't Be Hard
In The Arms of His Love Steven A. Cramer 2007 CedarFortInc
In Trying Times, Just Keep Trying,Merrielee Boyack 2010 DeseretBkCo
In Quiet Desperation Fred & Marilyn Matis/ 2004 DeseretBkCo
Ty Mansfield
Infinite Atonement, The Ted R. Callister 2000 DeseretBkCo
Line Upon Line, Rod W. Jeppsen 2002 PathwayPress
Precept Upon Precept
Love You Hate the Porn Mark Chamberlain 2011 ShadowMtn
Miracle of Forgiveness, The Spencer W. Kimball 1969 Bookcraft Inc
No Doubt About It Sheri Dew 2004 Bookcraft Inc
No One Can Take Your Place Sheri Dew 2004 DeseretBkCo
Overcoming Addiction Douglas Dobberfuhl 2011, WalnutSpringsPr
Peacegiver, The James L. Ferrell 2004 DeseretBkCo
Putting on the Armor of God Steven A. Cramer 1992 Cedar Fort Inc
Sex Addicts Anonymous SAALiteratureCommittee,2004 IntntlSvcOrg
Sexaholics Anonymous RecoveringSexAddicts, 1989, SexaholicsPubCo
Shattered FA. Kingler and B. Bruin 2005,MapletreePubCo
Stand for Something Gordon B. Hinckley 2000 Three Rivers Pr.
Treating Pornography Addiction Kevin B. Skinner 2010 <atSeagullBooks>
The Promise Land of Recovery Brad Bertelsen 2006 Millenial Pr.
Victory in Christ Steven A. Cramer 2006 Cedar Fort Inc
What's the Big Deal Jill C. Manning PHD 2008 Shadow Mtn
About Pornography?
When Times Are Tough John Bytheway 2004 DeseretBkCo
Will Power is Not Enough AD. Bird & 1995 DeseretBkCo
MD. Chamberlain 1995
Worth of a Soul, The Steven A. Cramer 1995 Cedar Fort Inc
Worth of Every Soul, The Gerald & JoAnne Curtis, 2004, Cedar Fort Inc