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April 8, 2012

What is ARP? - LDS 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program.

Last weekend there was a video that was shared in between General Conference sessions. It highlighted the Church's ARP program and gave in depth coverage of how it works and how it is blessing the lives of countless people both inside and outside the church. The ARP program is growing in many ways. More people in need are finding it each day and more bishops are becoming aware of addiction and how to best help their ward members who suffer from it. Addiction is like a disease, it doesn't just go away with will power and the regular regimen of scriptures and prayer, however, there is an escape. One day at a time attendees of the ARP program are finding access to the healing power of God. They (we) are finding new hearts, and just like any organ transplant, anti-rejection measures must be taken for the continuation of a lifetime.  In these meetings, we find knowledge and access to the tools that are vital for continued recovery and sobriety. The LDS addiction recovery program works! I know it does, because it has helped keep me sober for over three years. Please take a few minutes and watch these videos at the following link. If you have not attended a meeting before, then please find one near you.

Click link to watch the video: